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Take your operations to the next level with 4Mile’s extensive range of business-building services


From creating connections with your ideal customers, to ensuring your business is compliant and legally sound. Whether you require reliable marketing or an extensive range of fundraising and payment technology solutions that ensures both smiles and financial results – 4Mile has the solution to your business requirements.

Browse our services below in more detail and get in contact with us so we can organise a customised service solution that takes into account your specific business needs.

Call Centre Solutions

Extend the power of your sales and support team with 4Mile’s call centre solutions. Our Cloud Based technology means agents can work from anywhere there is internet connectivity. 

Put to work teams of reliable and experienced Australian service agents, ensuring no barriers to connection with your local customers.

Scalable and cost-effective inbound and outbound personalised service powered by 4Mile gives you newfound command of your business’s communications and human-to-human marketing approach.

  • Inbound + Outbound support
  • 27/7 Service time
  • Custom service solutions
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Custom phone scripts
  • Data cleansing
  • Staffed by local Australians

Fundraising Solutions

Ethical operations, the latest technological implementations and a strong ROI with 4Mile Fundraising 

Good causes can be rewarded if done smartly with 4Mile’s fundraising approach – mixing sales calls with modern technological and mobile-oriented solutions.

On top of our friendly and energetic staff talking directly to donors, our automated fundraising technology options include: advanced SMS raffle tech (where the donator’s phone number becomes their ticket number), Tap-to-Donate directly to a charity (via a cashless compact counter top system with real-time data collection analytics), automatic digital receipts and secure transfer to charity as well as direct SMS donations and a silent auction platform.

  • Tap to Donate
  • SMS to raffle
  • SMS to donate
  • Silent Auctions

Compliance Solutions

4Mile’s compliance solutions help you avoid fines, penalties, brand damage and lawsuits

In every industry, organisations are responsible for ensuring that their customer’s data and personally identifiable information is protected from disclosure and misuse.

Regulations and risk levels are continually changing and evolving, so staying on top of compliance is a must. Let 4Mile handle this often difficult area of business operations and spend less time feeling anxious and more time with your feet up!

  • Data Profiling
  • Data Masking
  • Data Mining
  • Compliance Reporting

Business Transaction Solutions

Your particular business needs determine what payment solution will work best for you

At 4Mile we look to the full range of available financial transaction options and cater a solution to fit your specific enterprise’s processes and technology.

Let your customers pay how they want, when they want. Increase your order amounts and sales and keep your customers happy and returning for more.

In addition to the technical aspects, we also ensure that bothersome administrative tasks are taken care of and each transaction can be logged with a record of completion in a managed database.

Customised Marketing Solutions

Generate quality leads, use the power of influencer’s networks and get actionable plans from analytics with 4Mile

Modern marketing solutions require more integration and data analysis than ever, with leads often require multiple touch points before becoming a converted customer.

At 4Mile, we use our network of unique business partnerships to expand our abilities to offer fully integrated marketing solutions, such as a leading influencer promotion platform, where you can use the power of other people’s networks to earn results for your own business.

Talk to 4Mile today about how we can create a tailor-made marketing solutions plan perfectly customised to perform according to your unique business needs.

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